We are from Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Benvenuto Cassinari, my granddad, born in Piacenza on 1904, was a visionary. In 1948, he began building 90 villas on the shores of Lake Bracciano, 50 km north of Rome. It was a particularly bold project for the time.

Bruno Cassinari, first cousin of Benvenuto, born in Piacenza on 1912, was a post-war Italian painter and sculptor, influenced by both Cubism and Expressionism. He studied painting in Milan at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera under Aldo Carpi. In 1946, he helped found the Fronte Nuovo delle Arti, an Italian artistic movement considered to be part of the post-cubism and active in Venice, Rome and Milan (1946 to 1950). In 1949, he was invited by Pablo Picasso to exhibit several of his works at the Antibes Museum of Art. In 1952, he won the Grand Prix at the Venice Biennale for the Cubist-inspired dramatic paintings The Lemon and Still Life in Pink. He was recognized for his contributions to Italian painting by the City of Milan, which in 1986 organized a retrospective of his work. In 2012, his hometown proposed an important tribute to the artist, focusing on his fundamental « Mediterranean » season of the 1950s.

Eugenio Cassinari, my father, born in Roma on 1938, continued the construction business. He built more than 2000 villas in San Felice Circeo, Sabaudia, Terracina, a hotel in Nettuno nicknamed the « Mini Empire State Building », and 14 buildings on the French Riviera in Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, Cannes.

And I, Rafael Cassinari, born in Antibes in 1993 and trained in interior architecture, live in Rome perpetuating the family tradition. I offer you exclusive items for the decoration of your home.

I select for you the best Italian creations.

You have access to the cassinari online shop via your computer or phone.

Italy in the World

A rich artistic tradition, reinterpreted by every generation,

that has made Italian design famous worldwide.

                   C A S S I N A R I  in a few words


  • Art - Highlight a unique know-how passed down from generation to generation. Sensitive to beauty, lifestyle becomes an art.
  • Entrepreneur - Anticipate and offer our customers products that meet their needs.
  • Curiosity - Find the refined touch that will sublimate the interior of the house.
  • Inclusive - Offer worldwide direct access to Italian design.
  • Personal - Answer all your technical and aesthetic questions. Tailor-made service.
  • Win-Win - Cooperate with all parties involved to achieve the best result.
  • Trust - Reflect on character and competence to ensure sustainability and growth.


S.P.Q.R. is the Roman motto Senatus populusque romanus. The first mark of history, the symbol present on all public buildings in ancient Rome and still today on the coat of arms of the city of Rome.

An emblem that evokes the perenniality of institutions, order and economic performance at the service of the influence of the Roman Empire, cradle of our western civilization.

A name that refers to the origin of the service.

A symbol of the rigour and boldness of my team.