DND Minima Chrome + White
DND Minima Chrome + White
DND Minima Chrome + White
DND Minima Chrome + White

DND Minima Chrome + White

A confined harmony of round and linear material made to leave a lasting impression on anyone who gets to feel and see it. Each piece represents the freedom of expression and idealism. Perfect for bold spirits.
Made in Italy
  • Brand: DND Handles
  • Designer: Martinelli Lab
  • Set with 2 door handles on rose and escutcheons
  • Return spring for high stability
  • Weight: 0,776 kg
  • Round rose with Vis System 7 mm thick.

    The parts are made with PA6 nylon, with uni-directional left or right spring. The backplate has a diameter of 50 mm and a thickness of 7 mm. Holes for attachment to wood, 38 mm centering, with or without connector nuts. 

  • Handle material: Zamak
  • Color: chrome + white
  • VAT price included

Help to choose the function of your handles here

Delivery time: between 4 and 5 weeks

DND garantisce 3 anni tutte le finiture galvaniche delle proprie maniglie per interni, realizzate mediante depositi di composti metallici che assicurano elevate performance di durata rispetto alle sollecitazioni a cui è sottoposta.

Attestation of fire resistance EN 1634-2 ED. 2008

Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door, shutter and openable window assemblies and elements of building hardware. The Dnd products can be used for installation on doors and openable windows of similar type that had been tested according to EN 1634-2, and have been shown to have at last the same fire resistance.

Content of the box:

- The pair of handles on rose

- The pair of escutcheons you ordered (with key escutcheon or with euro cylinder escutcheon or with turn & release privacy lock)

- Square zink 8 x 105 mm spindle with 2 milled slots

- Hardware required for mounting

- Depending on the standards of your country, we will add the corresponding square zink spindle and 2 iron squared sleeves

- The lock, if you bought it on our DOOR HARDWARE page here 

In this model, there are the DK VIS Window Handles for an aesthetic coordination result. The mechanism is easy and quick to assemble. Request a quote at rafael@cassinari.co